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Glass of Drink

Jord Lozman

Founder & Host

Jord is the host of Lairy Laughs Comedy and has been on the scene for over two years now, quickly establishing himself as a natural MC with regular crowd work he decided that it was time to take things off on his own. His nights have been selling out ever since and he has built up a good reputation from audiences who return every month and started to build a good relationship with other acts on the circuit. Not all... but the ones that matter!


Katie Lozman

Marketing & PR

Katie is Jord's wife and has supported him since day one! A regular to the shows supporting and encouraging all the acts who turn up every week, she is often the brunt of some of Jord's jokes but if we are telling the truth she is also the creator of most of his best jokes too! She handles a lot of the dates and advertising as Jord is quite hopeless at remembering where he is meant to be each and every day!

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