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ManHealth Support

On 13th August 2022 Jord took Lairy Laughs Comedy to The Flass Inn to put on a night in memory of Dean who was a very popular and well loved lad from Ushaw Moor. The night involved comedy from Jord and five other comedians, There was also a raffle and auction on the night with over 100 of Deans friends and family attending. In one night alone Four Thousand Pounds was raised to go towards ManHealth a charity which supports men with mental health problems. As well as this Jord has donated a significant amount of money from his gigs to others who need the help or have suffered due to mental health. It is something that Jord is very passionate about and uses the platform he has now to help others and to spread the word.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering with mental health then don't hesitate to reach out to someone for the assistance you need.


Jord has done it many times and there is no shame whatsoever in asking for help.

If you don't feel like speaking to your friends of family then our inbox is always open and Jord will speak to anyone who needs it. Alternatively you can contact ManHealth through the links provided below.

Also supporting stopping knife crime, listen to the song next to this paragraph about the story of a young man 16 years old who lost his life to knife crime, remember, it doesnt make you a big man or a soldier it destroys lives. just think about it.

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